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About Us

Founded in 2004, Intelecom International is a privately held company whose success is well proven by an exceptional record of customer and reseller loyalty. We market our business services in 48 states and all over the world.

Primary Business

• Wholesale Telecom Equipment
• Wholesale Telecom Carrier Long Distance
• Telecom Business Solutions


• Over 100,000 VOIP, FOIP ports sold worldwide with total revenue  exceeding $100M
• Provided SDK services globally
• Provided NRE (valued in the millions) to customers at no cost

Our Mission

Intelecom International's mission is to deliver its customers the tools for development and the hardware
equipment needed to network and do business effectively at a competitive price . Our relationship with OEM
and worldwide manufactures will ensure enhancement and new business development success. Intelecom
International's achievement is based on its core customers success of whom are Integrators, Software Developers and Value Added

Our Leadership

Nicholas Touma, President & CEO of Intelecom International

With more than 15 years experience in the
telecommunications industry, Nicholas has extensive
experience in management, marketing and
telecommunication development. Prior to forming Intelecom
International, he founded NewTelNet, Inc. in 1998, a
telecommunication reseller of long distance and
international VOIP, Prepaid Phone cards and colocation,
based in New Jersey.